Hi there! My name is Paula.

Some phrases that describe me: 

  • Aspiring urbanist and technologist
  • Process-oriented critical thinker with an eye for design and an obsession for detail

Some other phrases (that also describe me):

  • Former coffee addict turned tea drinker
  • "Parks and Recreation" super-fan
  • Occasional runner and less-than-occasional chef

I've always been good at following directions. As a kid, the words "some assembly required" never scared me. But adult life is proving more challenging than I initially thought it would be. 

So, I'm using goal-setting as a way to direct my life for myself, and I'm being pretty ambitious -- to read often and learn more, to ask hard questions, and to never stop improving if and when I can. And here's where this website comes in. 

Self-discipline and public accountability come hand in hand for me, so I'm using this website as a way to incentivize myself to accomplish what I want to accomplish. If you're so inclined, feel free to follow along with me (and if you see that I'm slacking off, help me get back on track!).